About Me

I am CIPS certified purchasing consultant and have enjoyed working in hospitality for over 16 years. I have the knowledge and skillset to work within your business incorporating all or parts of your supply chain needs. I can support you on all areas from logistics, product sourcing, tendering, building supplier relationships and menu change management.


Over the years, I have built strong supplier relationships across the industry. I can suggest relevant suppliers to your business and understand building relationships is key. I firmly believe working collaboratively gets results.

I will work with and build on existing supplier relationships and have a flexible approach to managing tenders depending on the product, either informally, or through online process such as e-auctions.


By analysing your current distribution network against your volume and future requirements,  I will recommend ways to improve your logistics to make it more effective and if a change is agreed, manage this process.


With extensive experience managing menu changes, I will work with your organisation to review and optimise key lines and furthermore, can support margin strategies through product selection, negotiation or re-engineering.

Whether core or seasonal menu changes, consider me an extension of your team to support the smooth delivery of you menu and ensure continuity of supply, while limiting additional on-cost.